Cultivating Well-Being
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Wednesday, November 28, 2018
By Be Still Counseling
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Cultivate Well-Being this Winter


Among other things, I am student of yoga, HeartMath and Grateful Living. All of which offer rich practices from varying perspectives. These certainly - in part - inform my theoretical orientation at Be Still Counseling, too.


As we enter the season of winter, I invite you to join me in cultivating well-being from this inside out. This blog will provide you with a few resources to cozy up with as you practice some established habits or try out something new.




ONE: The Four Constituents of Well-Being


Dr. Richard Davidson with the Center for Healthy Minds

Richard describes in this 13:36 minute video research from the field of neuroscience on The Four Constituents for Well-Being: Resilience, Outlook, Attention and Generosity. His brief lecture is easy to follow and quite compelling!


TWO: HeartMath Interventions


HeartMath is an evidenced based, bio-feedback system for learning skills for self-regulation, emotions management, stress reduction, intuition enhancement and more!




You can also find video guides on practicing HeartMath here or at


THREE: Grateful Living

Brother David Steindl-Rast and the good folks at offer a variety of guides in their database of Practices for Grateful Living. Grateful Living is correlated with resilience, aliveness and joy. You can also sign up for a daily inspirational/meditative quote which arrives in your inbox.   


FOUR: Loving Kindness Meditation


This one comes from my friend and yoga teacher, Anne Hoffman @ Now Happy Yoga

Repeat the following statements quietly or aloud as you follow your typical breath or practice heart breaths.
There are different approaches, I was taught this order: 
May I be happy,
May I be well,
May I be safe,
May I be peaceful and at ease. 
If these are too challenging to extend these to yourself, you can imagine a loved one extending them to you (parent, God, your dog) - the essence is one of unconditional love. 
You can practice extending the loving kindness meditation in this order:

1. To Self either by self or imagined by a loved one saying it to you - if this is not possible - the advice is to imagine a helpless puppy or kitten etc, and extend the graces to this first to help connect to the heart space of loving kindness. 
2. Stranger, 
3. Group,
4. Acrimonious person,
5. Return to self. 
The first steps can take days if not weeks - it’s important that there is a willingness to back off and return to a previously well established practice to stay connected to the inner loving kind heart space.
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