WELCOME! At Be Still Counseling I help people feel AT HOME and AT EASE within themselves.

People who are not at home or at ease within often describe themselves as worried, distracted, drained, moody, restless, or disengaged. Gosh! These sound familiar and common.

Are you looking for healing, resilience, and vitality? My counseling practice is designed to help you get there. I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor specializing in Somatic Psychotherapy, which means I help you bring your body into the therapeutic process.

Keep clicking to learn more and to start your journey towards HEALING, RESILIENCE & VITALITY!


HOME AT LAST - A poem by Sandra Felt

"I'm in here now, can you tell? It's kind of fun. There's room for me here, all the room I need in fact. I can stretch and grow all I want to, or I can curl up and rest. Or hide when I need to, because sometimes I still need to hide. Thanks, thanks for giving me a home. A place where I'm wanted, and needed, and noticed and listened to. I've needed that for a long time. It's dark in here though, the dark before the dawn perhaps. But just like the early dawn when the sun promises to rise, my young light begins to shine, and I begin to wiggle...and giggle"


My Story: Be Still Counseling Video from Rachel Hutto on Vimeo.