Understanding somatic psychotherapy and what exactly Be Still Counseling is about can be a bit murky at first. Hence, I'm delighted to share this video with you! Watch to hear my story and what you can expect from my approach to counseling and healing. 

 If reading is more your style - check out my blog, Little Miss Curious.

  • My Story

  • HeartMath Neutral Tool

    Learn HeartMath interventions to stop the impact of stress! Coaching available at Be Still Counseling. Check out for FREE resources and research information.

  • HeartMath Quick Coherence Techique

    TRANSFORM STRESS by shifting draining emotions into those of renewal! Check out for FREE resources. HeartMath coaching available at Be Still Counseling.

  • HeartMath Atttidue Breathing

    Attitudes, like emotions can be draining! Practicing shifting interfering attitudes towards those of renewal.

  • HeartMath Heart Lock-In Technique

    Practice Heart Lock-In to build resilience and sustain new emotional and attitudinal changes. HeartMath coaching available at Be Still Counseling.