Meet Rachel

I moved to Greensboro in 2006 expecting a short-term tenure. Alas, I have fallen in love with Greensboro and truly enjoy living and working in the Triad community. I attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where I graduated in 2009 with a Master’s of Science Degree in Counseling and Educational Development and a Specialization in Education in Couple and Family Counseling. I am proud to practice as a NC Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (license # 7787). I regularly enjoy preparing and hosting meals, getting outdoors with my family and simply being still at home.

The knowledge gifted to me by my clients as I have practiced in homes, schools and community settings across my career, is the transformative nature of human relationships to nurture one's innate wisdom for change and healing. This knowledge has lead me to specialize my counseling practice in somatic therapy.


Check out my blog: Little Miss Curious. There you'll find MY FULL STORY on how Be Still Counseling came to be.

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I have a VISION for every person welcomed at Be Still to experience their inherent resilience and vitality.


Be Still - A MISSION of Healing, Resilience & Vitality

The mission of Be Still is to provide professional counseling services for the purpose of nurturing healing, resilience and vitality through somatic psychotherapy and the practice of presence, and to provide a physical space which allows for self-guided and communal healing and restoration.


Practice VALUES

  • I believe everyone is inherently resilient, has the innate wisdom for healing and the opportunity to arrive at the fullness of vitality. I join you as a partner in this process.
  • I trust in the transformative nature of human relationships to aid our healing and thriving. The nature of our counseling relationship is essential to the therapeutic process.Transparency is a hallmark of a healthy relationship; I share with you that I identify as: cisgender, female, heterosexual, white, ecumenical.
  • I fully welcome and affirm all persons without distinction regarding race, ethnicity, national origin, class, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other human category. Be Still is LBGTQ affirming. I welcome integrating your faith or spirituality into the healing journey.


What You'll Find Different at Be Still- A Flexible Approach

  • Longer sessions means we aren't rushed and there is ample time to spend on what is important to you. It hopefully means fewer sessions over time, too. 
  • Not accepting insurance allows for longer sessions. It also means the emphasis is on the whole of you and not on a diagnoses.
  • The fee range allows access to care knowing everyone has different resources.
  • The option to meet with me for a consultation allows you get to know me prior to making a commitment to ongoing therapy together.
  • Access to a space to do your own self-guided healing allows for you to focus on self-care in between sessions.
  • Integrating the felt sense of the body is cutting edge mental health care and guides sustainable transformation.   


A Client Testimonial

"I have been struggling with codependence for most of my adult life. I made progress with traditional talk therapy, but struggled to permanently break out of old patterns. Rachel helped me get unstuck from my old stories about myself. She helped me to locate the roots of codependence and other painful habits. Using my physical body (where I found that my pain and loss were stored) as a focal point, Rachel helped me connect my codependent patterns with early wounds from my childhood. After recognizing these wounds, Rachel gently moved me through steps to heal. This healing, grounded in my physical body and guided by a trust in my innate ability to help myself, went beyond the “band aids” I found in traditional therapy. 

This kind of transformative healing was possible because of the techniques Rachel uses, and also because of the deep skill she brings to her work. She made me feel instantly comfortable, and walked with me through difficult emotional terrain with grace and warmth. I felt supported and cared for. I can’t thank you enough, Rachel!" - MM