You Deserve Healing, Resilience & Vitality

As a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, my vision for working with clients is that together we can achieve:


HEALING. We all have wounds that need healing in order for us to live as our best selves.


RESILIENCE. We all have the capacity to bounce back from our wounding experiences and to develop resilience for when we undoubtedly encounter situations that have the capacity to further wound us.


VITALITY. It’s hard to experience a life of vitality if we are bogged down by old wounds and unable to cope with new troubles as they arise. But I want a life for you full of all the good you’re meant to be in this world.


I will help you heal your old wounds and develop resilience in the face of new struggles so that you can achieve a life filled with vitality. When our work is successful, you will feel at home and at ease within yourself.


How Do We Get There?

Just like with all Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors, we will meet on a regular basis in therapy sessions to make progress on healing and resilience so that you can live a life of vitality.


My specialty, though, is in somatic therapy. Somatic means body, so in addition to the types of conversations you may normally have with a counselor, I will help you tap into your body’s capacity for healing.


What does your body have to do with it? Our life experiences not only impact our thoughts and emotions, but also get embedded in our bodies as “body memories.” All kinds of routine stress and more difficult life experiences, such as job loss or divorce, impact us immediately and continue to impact us over time. These wounds create body memories that we’re often not even aware of and can cause us to fall into hurtful patterns of behavior that get in the way of living a life of vitality. It’s kind of like how our body never forgets how to ride a bike. Even after years of not riding, we can just hop on again and go. These body memories often cause us to hop on a behavioral pattern that’s not taking us in the direction we want to go, which is towards healing, resilience, and vitality. Somatic work helps us identify and work with those body memories so that you can achieve the healing you desire.

This might look like answering the follow questions during a session “As you tell me that story, what do you notice your body doing in response?” or “What is your experience as you remember that event?” And it might also involve conversations about other parts of your lifestyle such as mindfulness and spiritual practices, diet and physical movement.

I look forward to the possibility of working with you!


Who I See

I gladly work with children, tweens, teens and adults.

Many people choose somatic psychotherapy to address and discuss the same topics and concerns you would in traditional psychotherapy. The only thing you have to do to be ready for somatic oriented work is to be curious about how your body as a whole plays a role in your story, symptoms and healing.

Additionally, you may want to consider somatic psychotherapy if you have benefited from talk therapy, and you are looking for the “what’s next”; you are interested in exploring and transforming events that have impacted you deeply; you have persistent health challenges, pains or tensions in your body; are wanting support in living more settled and fully within yourself; or are generally feeling dysregulated in some way.

I work with a range of concerns and have expertise in:

  • trauma recovery and post-traumatic stress;
  • anxiety and stress;
  • dissociative experiences;
  • history of community, interpersonal or family violence or abuse;
  • and medical trauma and sports injuries and surgery or procedure preparation.


Sessions and Fees

I will gladly provide a free 30 minute phone or face-to-face initial consultation.

Psychotherapy sessions are approximately 75 minutes. Please pay what gratitude and your income afford you. Suggested fee range is 90-$140 per session.

HeartMath coaching ONLY sessions are 30 minutes. Fees range between $30-$50; please pay what you can afford. 

  • Please provide 48 hours notice for cancelling an appointment. A fee (the same as your session fee) is applied for late notice.
  • While I am not in network with any insurance providers, I am glad to provide you with a receipt you can file with your carrier.
  • I accept cash, checks, debit/credit cards and Health Savings Accounts/Flexible Spending Accounts as forms of payment.
  • Depending on the nature of the session, some sessions can be conducted online via VSEE.



Therapy Modalities

Somatic Experiencing As Primary Modality

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a cutting edge treatment developed by Dr. Peter Levine over the past 45+ years. This pioneering work birthed out of understanding prey animals in the wild and observing that they rarely experience the devastating effects of trauma or stress despite frequent threats to their lives. SE is a treatment modality that supports restoration after traumatic or overwhelming events by gently guiding the person through their difficult or stuck sensations, feelings, or behaviors into resiliency and coherence. Ultimately, regulating the autonomic nervous system (ANS); the place physiologically where traumatic and stressful experiences get stuck and cause unwanted symptoms such as depression, ADHD, anxiety, aggression, emotional dysregulation, etc.

SE supports individuals toward regulating their autonomic nervous systems and resolving the impact of stress and trauma. A regulated nervous system means other vital systems such as the digestive, immune and cardiovascular systems are also regulated. Somatic psychotherapy develops the capacity for self-regulation. 


Heart Math

Heart Math helps us integrate practices to minimize emotional and energy drain and maximize resilience. We also have the option to use bio feedback equipment to track the automated rhythms of your being to target which practices are the most effective for your unique needs. Heart Math can be provided alone or in conjunction with other therapeutic modalities.